Elevate Loud is a company providing concierge service in managing client’s print, digital, and social assets.

We are a team of innovative marketing professionals that understand how online and offline tactics can grow your business.
— Jennifer Goodhue, CEO Elevate Loud

Elevate loud was founded in 2009, well ahead of the curve, as a digital marketing and SEO firm.  In 2015 the company was rebranded into what Elevate loud is today, to support full service marketing initiatives.  The understanding of how online and offline marketing tactics can play off one another has proven to be successful for all of our clients and their initiatives.  We like to spice it up, think outside of the box, and get creative.  We never shy away from traditional marketing tactics that work but we constantly challenge the status quo.

Jennifer Goodhue - bio

Jen has been instrumental in the development of Elevate Loud, and it’s integrated approach to marketing. Thanks to her commitment to understanding how online and offline marketing can feed off each other, she’s able to help us deliver maximum return on investment to clients.

Building the world’s greatest client services and sales team is next on Jen’s to-do list. She’s always looking for ways to improve our teamwork in order to deliver the best possible customer service.

Jen never stops thinking about how to make our clients happier, but she’s also focused on fostering a positive environment within our own company. She wants each employee at Elevate Loud to love their work and feel like they are thriving at what they do.

To lighten the mood of any meeting, Jen can share one of the many crazy things that have happened in her life: she survived a plane crash, had an aunt AND uncle who were struck by lightning (at different times!), is related to a US president, and even more impressively can name all of the US presidents in consecutive order.

Despite the plane incident, Jen never let that slow down her passion for aviation.  She currently holds her pilot's license and recently got back from an adventurous trip to Haiti where she flew provisions down and joined a team in building an orphanage. Jen is incredibly passionate about giving back to the community and abroad in every way possible.   In her dream world, she would find a way to continue being a technology evangelist while bringing the value those solutions all over the world to have a positive impact in every way she can.

Jen is a proud Colorado native, and loves everything that the great Rocky Mountains offer… hiking, camping, snowboarding, wakeboarding… you name it.  She spends every extra minute of free time that she can with her two sons (8&9) and fiancé who are sure to keep her very busy and active.