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Jennifer Goodhue


Jen has been instrumental in the development of Elevate Loud, and it’s integrated approach to marketing. Thanks to her commitment to understanding how online and offline marketing can feed off each other, she’s able to help us deliver maximum return on investment to clients.

Building the world’s greatest client services and sales team is next on Jen’s to-do list. She’s always looking for ways to improve our teamwork in order to deliver the best possible customer service.

Jen never stops thinking about how to make our clients happier, but she’s also focused on fostering a positive environment within our own company. She wants each employee at Elevate Loud to love their work and feel like they are thriving at what they do.

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ZAch goren

VP of Operations

Zach grew up on the east coast, and became a member of the mens national gymnastics team. Zach went to University of Illinois on an athletic scholarship prior to retiring and entering into the millennial workforce. Initially Zach sought interest in the medical field and went the route of becoming a physician assistant. He worked as a physician assistant for the past 6 years and loved it. However after meeting Jen and learning about Elevate Loud and all the possibilities of marketing and business development a creative spark went off that led him down the road of joining her team. Zach’s passion, attitude, level of energy, and interest in all aspects of marketing, and business development allows him to provide optimal results to his clients.  Additionally, these qualities lend themselves towards being a highly accountable, and responsible individual, as well as, team member.  Zach genuinely enjoys working at Elevate Loud as he gets a chance to work with a variety of businesses as well as see a variety of issues with varying challenges. Zach understands the value of being a team player while maintaining his own personal responsibilities which ultimately leads to a well functioning company.  Zach’s ability to connect with clients and communicate effectively, being extremely outgoing, approachable, and compassionate allows for a level of transparency and trust that ensures success.  It is ever so important to be able to connect with clients and build trusting, and honest client relationships.