Where I Have Been, And Where I Am Now


What’s Next??

So many of the people in my network have inquired privately about what I am up to with Prop Tech, my marketing firm Elevate Loud, where I am at and where I plan to be next.

I think to truly understand who I am, you have to know where I have come from and where I am headed next.

At 19, I purchased my first home, my second at 20, (my family thought I was nuts) then built a Marketing Firm to be the fastest growing company under 6M in revenue as per (The Denver Business Journal Book of Lists).

Then my world crashed. Divorce, from my husband and partner because he chose alcohol over our business and more importantly us as a family. I moved back to Colorado- closer to family, where I worked as hard as I could to move on with business and life. I finally accepted new love with an amazing man who, two years into our relationship, tragically and suddenly passed away.

Simultaneously I received an offer to sell my book of business, and it was just time to focus on myself and my kids. I never thought I would sell a company at 30, but damn I am glad I did certain things in the buy-out, such as retaining my brand ElevateLoud.

So much in between then and now….

I have been through tragedy, triumph, have worked my way up to senior level positions at major software firms, but the focus now has changed to rapidly to rebuild my marketing firm, with such a true passion to see my clients and staff truly happy and successful.

It is scary to leave the comfort of a regular salary, but when you know you are capable of so much more, it is hard to escape that feeling. The true realization and “moment of clarity” came when I finally accepted that if you want things done the way you would like to be treated, leadership starts at the top. Understanding the ups and downs of your clients, your staff, even yourself, and being there to truly act as a family network - even though business is still business.

What is next? I have a true passion for blockchain and how much that can impact the entire world transaction-wise with true immutability. My interest in the newest technologies never ceases the obsession of how I can build new projects that I am so excited about, but at the moment I am staying focused on some consulting here and there - but my marketing firm - Elevate Loud comes first because I truly love seeing my staff, clients, and their businesses grow exponentially.

Most importantly, I realized that I needed a much better work/life balance. Working 80+ hours per week, for someone else, and in the end realizing that you are sacrificing such valuable time with family and friends, just isn’t the answer. Work smarter, not harder.

Sometime in the future I hope to do something with my patent, in addition to one day taking time to write a book, and eventually (or possibly quite quickly) designing an awesome product that is centrally focused on blockchain integration, but sorry to disappoint it will likely be outside of real estate. Products and transactions will change as we know it, but we have to be mindful to remember that we are all still humans operating together.


Elevate Loud prides itself on being authentic, and truly an extension of their clients businesses.