Mobile website design

Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to all businesses. More and more people use their smartphones and mobile devices to find information about businesses, research products and services, and read content. Because of this, it is more important than ever to invest in professional mobile website design services.

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What if My Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly?

Studies have shown that more than half of mobile users who search for local business information via their smart phones end up making a call. If your current website is not easy for people on mobile devices to navigate, they will be calling your competitors instead of you. As you evaluate the experience smartphone and tablet users are having on your website, you will realize that not all programs are compatible with mobile devices. For example, the Flash media player is commonly used  on PCs and laptops, but is not compatible on the iPhone or iPad. Many business websites utilize flash graphics that won’t translate to the mobile experience.


Screen size is another key thing to think about when targeting mobile users. Mobile screens are smaller than desktops and laptops, of course, but they also vary widely. Smartphones are trending toward bigger screens, but plenty of people still use older, smaller devices. Then you have different screen sizes within tablets. How can you build a site that looks good on all these different screens? Elevate Loud Inc. has expertise with responsive web design techniques that allow you to cater to all kinds of mobile devices without even needing to build a separate site.


I know i really need mobile web design so what do i do about it?

Although virtually any online marketing strategy can benefit from incorporating mobile-friendly tactics, some companies will see a larger impact than others. It all depends on how you need to reach your customers. For local retailers and restaurants, making it easier for people on the go to find you is a potential game changer. All businesses benefit from having a multiple screen size, optimized experience.


mobile marketing will help your business!

There is no risk to finding out how your business can benefit from mobile website design services. The Elevate Loud Inc. team is willing to analyze your existing web presence and recommend a plan for success at no cost to you. Contact us today or call 1(877) 603-7055 for your free consultation. You will learn all about the advantages of mobile marketing.