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Come Meet Our Great Executives

We started as a small company, but that has changed in recent years. Our growth means good news for you, too, since we’ve added more people to help you get the kind of marketing you really need to succeed. Schedule a meeting with us to talk about your marketing needs, so you can meet the team that’s going to be helping your company send its services out to the world.

It’s always a good idea to know who you’re working with, and we don’t want to be just names on the internet or voices on the telephone. We like to get to know our customers, and it helps us create the best possible marketing campaigns for every business. You’re unique, and we want to make sure we show that to the world, so your company has the opportunity to grow and develop.


  • Katy Davis
  • COO

  • Paige Trygstad
  • Head of Accounts

  • Zach Goren
  • Head of Content